We manage the supply chain

Our production is based on both, the supplies of both entrusted elements and those obtained from the market by our purchasing department. The experience we have acquired throughout the years has allowed us to select the trusted suppliers that guarantee certified origin of the sold elements.

Electrostatic Protected Area

Production and storage of semi-finished products takes place in specially created Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA), providing a safe environment, required temperature and humidity conditions for all electronic components. Furthermore, the storage department is equipped with special climatic chambers dedicated for storing especially sensitive elements. Supply chain managment and logistics is a complex and very time-consuming process — therefore, we offer our help already at this stage of cooperation.

SMD assembly

SMD line is based on professional devices made by YAMAHA and an SMT Wartheim reflow oven.

THT assembly

We use the ERSA soldering station that works in nitrogen-gas atmosphere

Final assembly


AOI Prüftechnik offers specialist tests of electronic assembly quality

Mechanical production

For production of mechanics we use equipment manufactured by Trumph, Haeger, and Kemppi