We design electronics

Schematic diagrams, printed circuit boards and microcontroller programs

  1. We implement electronic systems based on functional assumptions of the Customer.
  2. We design printed circuit boards on multilayer FR-4 laminates and FLEX, aluminium, or ceramic substrates.
  3. We optimise the production costs as early as at the design stage, taking into account quality expectations and estimated sales volume.

We design mechanics

Designs of casing, heat sinks, and mounting

  1. We design mechanical enclosures and their components.
  2. We select materials and individual elements so that they fulfil all the functional assumptions for the finished product.
  3. Designs are created in a spatial 3D environment using SOLIDWORKS Premium software.
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  1. Preparing a design, we are taking into account the capacity of the machinery park that will perform the machining process.
  2. No matter whether these are our facilities or our contractors, we always improve the production process and make it even more effective.
  3. To complement the project, we may also create dedicated tools, such as welding framework.
  4. Designing the mechanics, we place special emphasis on attachment of cables, tapes or other electronic elements, using 3D models of printed circuit boards (generated by the Altium Designer software).
  5. We use the SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation software to perform thermal simulations of the device operation. It enable us to monitor the positions and thermal properties of all components.
  6. The mentioned methods of simulation allow us to the optimise the size of the enclosure, utilisation of equipment and hence, minimise the number of prototypes.
  7. Such simulations allow us to eliminate the range of design errors and optimise the operating temperatures of electronic components, and thus extend the life of the entire device.
  8. We prepare cutting-edge manufacturing documentation as a 3D animation, which guides a device assembler step by step through particular stages. The documentation contains all the components of the device.
  9. Symulacje tego typu pozwalają wyeliminować szereg błędów projektowych oraz zoptymalizować temperatury pracy obwodów elektronicznych a tym samym wydłużyć żywotność całego urządzenia.
  10. For this purpose, we use the SOLIDWORKS Composer module, which allows us to prepare an animation for product presentation.

We design software

We provide comprehensive software coding service.

  1. Our experienced team develops the most complex algorithms to ensure the proper operation of each device. They are both, user-friendly and intuitive.