Creating prototypes

We perform a fast prototype creation procedure, as we are not dependent on subcontractors and we fully run the creation procedure. We add elaborate technical comments in order to reduce the costs of mass production and guarantee its repeatability.

Analytical laboratory

We test prototypes, analysing physical and chemical properties of devices under difficult operating conditions. It is done in our own Analytical Laboratory, which includes:

Tests performed in the laboratory aim at verifying the prototype in terms of proper operation in a specific electromagnetic environment. The prototypes are also evaluated in terms of emitting disturbances in electromagnetic field that may interfare correct operation of other devices within the same environment.

The tests check if every device (system) meets the three following criteria:

The laboratory comprises:

The Angelantoni Industrie device type DY2000SP tests the operation of a prototype in extreme environmental conditions. The chamber offers the temperature range of -40°C to +180°C at the humidity level, 10% to 98% RH. Internal dimensions of the chamber allow it to accommodate exceptionally big prototypes and to visually monitor the operation of the tested device that is exposed to harsh external conditions.

Vibrating table

Vibrating table is used to verify how vibrations affect device operation. It simulates the behaviour in the wheeled vehicles rolling stock that are on extremely uneven surface. It allows testing with smooth frequency adjustment from 25 to 50 Hz, operating at various angles and in different directions.