February 23rd, 2023

Summary – an interview with a president, Sławomir Jankowski

What goals were set by the company last year, and have they been accomplished?

For a longer time, we have been working on company expansion, and on an ongoing basis, we have also placed great emphasis on optimising supplies for our production. We all remember the year 2020, which caused a global supply chain disruption and, as an effect, problems with fulfilling orders to an end customer. We don't stop expanding, but a priority became guaranteeing stable components supply. And we've made it. We've established closer cooperation with the suppliers and producers and expanded our contact list consistently to have alternative supply sources. Summing up: a priority for 2022 was to guarantee production fluency, so our customers have confidence that the orders will be completed on time and without obstacles.

What was the biggest surprise to the company, and what was the biggest experience?

Well. I'm not hiding that after a difficult time of pandemics, the biggest shock was an outbreak of war in Ukraine. No one is capable of predicting such events, their scale and macroeconomic effects. And here, once more, supply chains were disrupted, especially from the east. The transport costs increased as a major part of imported wares must have been transported by air instead of being shipped by rail. Given this situation, it should be remembered that orders from Western markets linked to the warzone territories were limited. Orders limitations from those markets touched us directly and indirectly through order reduction. It was also another experience which has shown that we're not only a stable company but also a flexible one that can cope in difficult situations and quickly respond to non-standard events in the business environment. The necessity to create new supply chains has only strengthened us and given us new possibilities. We convinced ourselves that the price is extremely crucial, but an absolute priority is an on-time delivery and, following this, a guarantee of production continuity.

What are you expecting in the upcoming new year?

Similar to many other managers, I believe that we will be shifting from globalisation towards regionalisation. I think that many companies will verify their business approach in terms of sourcing wares and components crucial to their operation. We will stop searching for what's the cheapest towards what's sure and accessible in a short foreseeable time. Of course, according to what I said earlier, we already pay more for the supply of components and PCB, but we have a guarantee of continuity and on-time deliveries. Clients are a priority. If everyone changes their approach in this manner, which is inevitable, in my opinion, then we can also expect a higher interest in our offer. Following this reasoning, domestic entrepreneurs and also entities from the entire Europe will use our offer. I expect a production and sales increase in a broadly understood region.